AHFOD Tour Project

We launched the AHFOD Tour Project on 30th March. Since then we have had an incredible response, with fans all over the world getting involved and participating for most dates on all three legs of the tour.

Click here to view the concert experiences which have been posted so far.

Here’s what our project is all about:

Our goal is to try and make every fan feel included in Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams Tour. Our project involves asking fans attending the tour to share their experiences. Whether it’s simply a picture or two or a few hundred words explaining how the concert was for you, we would love to hear them all! That way maybe everyone can understand what it feels like to see Coldplay live.
We would also like to use this as an opportunity to help fans attending tour dates discover which other fans will be there too, so they can get in touch and meet new friends.
How to participate: Send us a message with the date(s) of the tour that you will be attending with your preferred username for people to know you as or to use to contact you. We will then add your username to the list below (as well as on the project’s tumblr here) which lists the dates and usernames of people who are attending for you to view. After your concert, we will DM you and ask for whatever you wish to submit. The aim is to get at least one person, and therefore one experience for every date of the tour. This will be a nice way to remember dates of the tour when it’s all over. We hope this will help you all to experience the tour in some way and provide a platform for you to make new friends that you can hopefully meet at the concert!

The List

Leg 1 — Latin America

31 March 2016 – 
 La Plata, Argentina. Venue: Estadio Ciudad de La Plata –

@Juli_Dahbar, @lautaro_anton


1 April 2016 –  La Plata, Argentina. Venue: Estadio Ciudad de La Plata –

@dilaureverdeen, @SoffiAlmeida


3 April 2016 Santiago, Chile. Venue: Estadio Nacional de Chile –



5 April 2016 – Lima, Peru. Venue: Estadio Nacional de Lima –


7 April 2016 – São Paulo, Brazil. Venue: Allianz Parque –@mrclmonteiro@gabsrodriguues_@karindoscope, @anajuliarramos, @Rafa_Ribeiro, @_omgcoldplay, @coldluiz

10 April 2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Venue: Maracanã Stadium –

@andellind, @fixyou_bastille, @Natfrs, @btstgiullia, @isabella_c132@manadashumanas, @_buckinlove

13 April 2016 – Bogota, Colombia. Venue: Estadio El Campín –

@maria.alejandra.cs, @EmilyGarciaZea, @singtothebook

15 April 2016 – Mexico City, Mexico. Venue: Foro Sol –

@Italialand, @antoniokai, @ksalarcon

16 April 2016 –   Mexico City, Mexico. Venue: Foro Sol –

@antoniokai, @Ronaldososa_, @nedalif_hernandez_coldplay

17 April 2016 –  Mexico City, Mexico. Venue: Foro Sol –


Leg 2 — Europe

24 May 2016 –  Nice, France. Venue: Stade Charles-Ehrmann –@Carlo_Criscione@GioiaSgrinzato@Saad_Bennani_@_ColdplaysLove_@_KillYourHeroes@ElyBernaudo@Bagguni

26 May 2016 – Barcelona, Spain. Venue: Olympic Stadium –@coldplayerdude@mariu_montes, @AxelFalmagne, @Burgal22@TaniaColdplay, @MansTablerone, @Ali_twentyseven@Ishu_Valdiva

27 May 2016 – Barcelona, Spain. Venue: Olympic Stadium –  @coldplayerdude@mylocharlieb 

1 June 2016 – Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Venue: Veltins-Arena –  @DontEverLetGo_O@emmi.the.chrisphant@cheeetaz42, @TahirTokgur, @coldplayersworldwide

4 June 2016 – Manchester, England. Venue: Etihad Stadium –@jonnybuckIand@youreyesopenandyouknow, @meetmeinbluesky@HannahBellax@VIOLETHlLL@kilqraved, @Coldplay_kid@aguyfullofstars, @alifein-technicolor, @TheFandomsLife

5 June 2016 – Manchester, England. Venue: Etihad Stadium – @jonnybuckIand@HannahBellax, @alicepadfield_, @StatterJoanne, @hymnforcoldplay

7 June 2016 – Glasgow, Scotland. Venue: Hampden Park –


11 June 2016 – Zurich, Switzerland. Venue: Stadion Letzigrund – @thetenthalex, @vivala_yellow

12 June 2016 –  Zurich, Switzerland. Venue: Stadion Letzigrund

15 June 2016 – London, England. Venue: Wembley Stadium –@DontEverLetGo_O , @AOALifetime, @emmathehud

16 June 2016 –  London, England. Venue: Wembley Stadium – @Alishaa_Smith@DontEverLetGo_O , @coldplayerdude, @cheeetaz42, @tj_janey, @emmathehud, @nothing_else_compares, @HingleyClare, @AmyMay_F1, @nora_it_

18 June 2016 – London, England. Venue: Wembley Stadium –@DontEverLetGo_O , @HymnForTheWknd@jonnybuckIand@DavidRixson@cheeetaz42@tj_janey, @emmathehud, @AHFOD__, @ARushOfDreams

19 June 2016 –  London, England. Venue: Wembley Stadium –@DontEverLetGo_O@mspadfoot394@cheeetaz42, @emmathehud, @juliamenendezp, @nothing_else_compares

23 June 2016 – Amsterdam, Netherlands. Venue: Amsterdam Arena –

@HymnForTheWknd, @canthandlecoldplay@entourise, @cottoncandyjoshdun, @silke_sterre

24 June 2016 –  Amsterdam, Netherlands. Venue: Amsterdam Arena – @clocksmirrors,@HymnForTheWknd,@dawsonrose,@cheeetaz42,@JJansen42

29 June 2016 – Berlin, Germany. Venue: Olympiastadion –  @DontEverLetGo_O , @dawsonrose@piasempiternal@cheeetaz42@Aneleelu

1 July 2016 – Hamburg, Germany. Venue: Volksparkstadion –  @DontEverLetGo_O@kodasophie@_42nd_Lea@Aneleelu@greenstrawberries27

3 July 2016 – Stockholm, Sweden. Venue: Friends Arena –


5 July 2016 – Copenhagen, Denmark. Venue: Telia Parken –

@filiprasmusson, @nothing_else_compares

6 July 2016 –  Copenhagen, Denmark. Venue: Telia Parken – @filiprasmusson


Leg 3 — North America

16 July 2016 – 
East Rutherford, United States. Venue: MetLife Stadium –

@DahliaShaban, @hayitscarolina@NAsfari@_kaatieee__, @j-m-p-16

17 July 2016 –  East Rutherford, United States. Venue: MetLife Stadium –

@Thomas_Shull, @victorliriano, @kellyhaines, @kayajohnson_

23 July 2016 – Chicago, United States. Venue: Soldier Field –

@BanditTheBoxer@_AllisonYang_, @GracieHuffman16, @_bri10nee@DrVisha@coldplayology

24 July 2016 – Chicago, United States. Venue: Soldier Field – @chrisstevens444

30 July 2016 – Foxborough, United States. Venue: Gillette Stadium –

@BonnieBarnes48, @a.head.full.of.birds@sweeeetcin, @Coldplaymxoxo

6 August 2016 – Philadelphia, United States. Venue: Lincoln Financial Field –

@mjtechofficial, @kellyhaines , @spatzyyy_22, @LauraBonacci2

20 August 2016 – Pasadena, United States. Venue: Rose Bowl –


21 August 2016 – Pasadena, United States. Venue: Rose Bowl –

@OlJoannaO, @christophercado

27 August 2016 – Arlington, United States. Venue: AT&T Stadium –

@gkeyser19, @NAsfari

3 September 2016 – Santa Clara, United States. Venue: Levi’s Stadium –

@foxydoxey12, @interstellarbooty, @a-sky-full-of-drones


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