PHOTOS: Coldplay in Sao Paulo, 11/7-8

These are photos and videos from Coldplay’s shows in Sao Paoulo, Brazil on November 7th and 8th, 2017.


Photo via julianascunha on Instagram.
Video via giselaprochaska on Instagram.
Video via carlabaroncini on Instagram.

Photo via vanessa_siegrist on Instagram.
Video via Roberto Domingos Lopes on YouTube.

Photo via luuvida on Instagram.

Photo via denniangoia on Instagram.
Videos via allianzparque on Instagram.

Photos via website.
Video via renatabelich on Instagram.
Video via rinaldobf on Instagram.
Video via Mariana P on YouTube.

Photo via Victor Marques on Twitter.
Video via maprochnow on Instagram.

Photo via jeancbm on Instagram.
Video via bethserralheiro on Instagram.

Photo via decofreitasanf on Instagram.

Photo via dronedodia on Instagram.
Videos via fernandorosseti on Instagram.

Photo via warnermusicbr on Instagram.
Video via João Armando on YouTube.

Photos via natalieprada on Instagram.
Video via Wes Farias on YouTube.

Photo via nogueira.rn on Instagram.
Video via andressakuuntz on Instagram.
Video via lilianvilhena on Instagram.
Video via Lexor on YouTube.



No copyright infringement intended. All photos and videos belong to their rightful owners, and can be taken down by request.

-Mysterious 42


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