7 Shows – 7 Coldplay Albums – 7 Colours in the Colour Spectrum

This experience was submitted by Maren (NotScared2BStrong) on Twitter.


“The AHFOD era I made my dreams come true:

So in 2016, I enjoyed 3 #AHFOD shows in Germany ( Gelsenkirchen 01.06.2016, Berlin 29.06.2016, Hamburg 01.07.2016) and all 4 Wembley Shows (15.06. – 19.06 2016).

7 shows – 7 Coldplay albums – 7 colours in the colour spectrum

They left me speechless, the lyrics


Are the closest to describe this feeling, or simply the word / song “PARADISE”.

The colour spectrum and explosion of colours on the screens, bursting out of the confetti canons, on stage, I soaked it all up and it made me the happiest girl on earth. For the 2 hours with my beloved boys rockin’ the stage, all my sorrows were blown away!!

I was lucky to meet AND hug finally one of my fav band members: JONNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY between the Wembley shows, which was also a long yearned dream coming true and he was the sweetest!!

Chris noticed my “Fix You” shirt 3 times on this tour at B stage, I got a high five from Jonny 3 times and Guy gave me the sweetest smile and he also read our banners and flags.

Also got setlists and guitar pic from the lovely roadies, big shout out also to Mike the camera man for putting my friends and me on big screen and also my tattoo (dedicated to Up & Up lyrics) in Gelsenkirchen during Jonny’s guitar solo in Up & Up!!

After the Hamburg show post concert depression was kicking in.. but then Coldplay  announced more dates for 2017 and I couldn’t believe it they would come 5-  F I V E  times to Germany (plus later Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg to be announced , which meant 6 times Germany) YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started planning and working also on weekends to save money for my Adventure of a lifetime part 2.

So this year I added  11 more shows to the 7 from 2016, Germany and Austria, France and ..UK ( firstly 10 – Cardiff was VERY spontaneously).

  • Munich 06.06.17
  • Vienna 06.17
  • Leipzig 06.17
  • Frankfurt ( 30.06 & 01.07.17 )
  • Hamburg ( Global Citizen Festival, 06.07.17 )
  • Cardiff ( only 1 time , 12.0717 , for Crew Talk / Talks on Tour with Matt McGinn, R42 & Ben Miles J)
  • Paris ( 15. , 16. , 18. 07 .17 )

And it felt like I was part of the tour …roadies already recognized me and smiled at me

  • Got Jonny’s setlist via Matt McGinn in Munich and SJLT video was recorded here
  • Got guitar pic in Vienna, R42 put us in Instagram Story
  • Ben choosed my friends and me for intro Video in Leipzig
  • Met Chris shortly in Leipzig ( I WAS SOOOO LUCKY !!! )
  • Had the chance to go BACKSTAGE AND MEET COLDPLAY in Hannover, only 2 days later ( to say thank you for everything you did and do for me with your songs, lyrics, the wisdom you say in interviews etc and show Chris my tattoos which mean the world to me and are the messages from Ghost Stories and AHFOD, and he said “ amazing” and hugged me ❤ ) – DREAMS DO COME TRUE !!! All band members have been so amazing, including Phil. I hugged Jonny for the 2nd time!!!  I’ve waited 15 years for this moment!!!  big shout out to the crew members, who made it possible! I also met lovely stage truck drivers the day before the Hannover show and they invited me on a beer. My dream to be a Coldplay roadie was soooo close!!!
  • Our intro video was shown in Frankfurt both nights. I Had so much fun with Michael, the confetti dude and R42 filmed us during Charlie Brown and put video on Instagram.
  • In Hamburg I got the setlist personally from Ben Miles and met Rik Simpson and Dan Green
  • In Cardiff I took part of Crew Talk which Debs Wild retweetet a few days ago and superspontaneous I bought a 2nd hand concert ticket for the 12th , flight tickets and planned the entire journey on the bus to Hamburg. Was very interesting and handed Matt Mc Ginn a thank you letter cause he blessed me with gifts at the bakery 2 years ago and a letter for Jonny ❤ )
  • Paris, well….melancholia kicked in ( last European shows and the end of my adventure but I met the lovely stage truck drivers again. I queued with friends and although it was freakin HOT ( HOTPLAY ) we had the best time and I am so excited for the Live 2017 DVD, recorded at Stade de France!! I blew confetti to the boys when they walked back to main stage to b stage and Will smiled at me, Jonny always smiled when I held up my sign for him. Another time R42 put us in the Instagram and Snapchat Story.

I feel blessed. This was a tour full of dreams for me, in the truest sense of the word.

A few years ago I would never have dared to dream about the things that really happened. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and when I remember the past 2 summers I always smile (ok, with tears in my eyes cause I am so emotional).

I can’t almost put in words HOW HAPPY Coldplay made me on this tour. They are the reason I met the loveliest fans from all over the world and some of them became my closest friends. Sharing the same passion and love and being as crazy as me in my dream to see you as many times as possible. Some of them I know online from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and some of them I’ve met before (at my 2 Ghost Stories concerts) but it’s so amazing to meet them in real life whilst queuing or jumping infront of the stage with them, celebrating the best band in the world. It feels like ONE BIG FAMILY! They bring people together and it’s amazing to see how their dream, to spread the love and being kind to each other is alive in this fandom, even weeks after the shows. Sharing experiences, exchanging tour gifts, Love Buttons, Xylobands and so on. COLDPLAY TRULY HAS THE BEST FANS ON EARTH !!

I can’t wait to see them and my Coldplayer friends again next tour.”



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