4th August 2017 | Boston, Massachusetts

This experience was submitted by m_osheaa on Twitter.


“The concert was a month ago, but I truly still remember the emotions from that entire show. The day started off without a hitch- it was a bus from NYC to Boston, and I was supposed to get in around 3:40.. Fate had other plans for me and we arrived at 6:30. I cried in the mega bus bathroom because I kept getting scared we were going to cut it too close and I would miss Coldplay coming on stage. Thankfully I made it to my Airbnb and back to Foxboro before Coldplay stepped on stage. At this point I had zero real meals in my stomach, and full of pure adrenaline.

When they came on stage, oh man. It made the stupid six hour bus worth it!!! I danced my butt off, sang every word, and just stood in total awe for the full show. I sang along to every word, somehow knowing it all, even the Coldplay I’d first listened to in middle school. Still knew every damn word and belted it out as out of tune as it came. I feel like I have such a difficult time putting everything into words, even though I see it so vividly in my head, and there’s so much I have to say.  The one moment I think about DAILY (and that isn’t even putting it mildly) was Charlie Brown.The fact we had three full minutes of no cell phones, and just people singing at the top of their lungs dancing around, smiling, laughing, and living in the moment.. was unreal. The fact all of us at the stadium were so willing to give our all to Chris and Coldplay to just totally zone in on the lights and music without hesitation, just came so easily. I had made a promise that I would take a few pictures and videos, but have my phone on airplane mode so I had zero distractions. This came beyond easily to do, considering taking video isn’t easy when you’re dancing around the whole time. I wanted to enjoy every second I could, as vividly as I could too, so I opted to not drink ANY alcohol to ruin my memory.

I miss it every day, so so much. That two hours of total bliss and happiness, and positivity. We all forgot about all the things going on in the country and came for Coldplay, and I am so happy that I finally got the courage to go to a concert alone. Because it was so unbelievably worth it!”


-Mysterious 42



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