4th July 2017 | Milan, Italy

This experience was submitted by ccisagc on Twitter.


“As soon as I stepped on the stadium grounds, my heart was racing.  There were tons of people with “Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams” headbands on, which immediately set the mood, “Italy f**king loves Coldplay” as one fan put it. I moved through the security line pretty fast and dashed to my gate. I got my Xyloband and love button and was more than ready to go. Then, it took forever to find the right entrance, people kept directing us (that is my family and I) back and forth and it was kind of a mess. While we were running around, I saw a sign for “Coldplay: Friends+Family.”  I took a second to duck my head into the hallway it labeled, only to be met with two security guards. Not sure what I expected to happen, but I was really hoping I’d see one of the boys. Finally, we found the right entrance and took our seats in the stands. We were three hours early…and my little brother hated me for it.  

While we sat through the opening acts I was giddy in anticipation. After Tove Lo left, the Viva chant began, then the wave followed, and then the Viva chant again. The energy from this amazing crowd was unlike anything else I had ever felt.  Then, opera singing starts (sidenote: do you know the saying “you know it’s over when the fat lady sings” {referring to operas}…do you think they play opera since the AHFOD album is sorta like the sunrise after darkness and the concert starts after the “fat lady” sings), the intro reel plays, the Xylobands light up and the Charlie Chaplin speech starts…and then BOOM red lights and fireworks go up, Will begins the beat, Chris is running down the ramp, Jonny and Guy are grooving along, everybody is screaming and singing, and nobody is feeling anything but overwhelming joy.  We aren’t on Earth anymore, we are somewhere far better, a Coldplay concert.

You may have heard that Chris referred to playing in Milan to winning a video game. The crowd that night proved him right.  The band was feeling the great energy and returned it, there was a constant circulation of good vibes.  Fast forward to B-stage.  Chris started to talk about the Kaleidoscope EP and was like “some of you may know we released a single called [SJLT] earlier and we are going to release an EP with that song in it.” So naturally I started freaking out.  I began jumping up and down in excitement (the rest of the people in my section didn’t seem to understand what was about to go down and prob thought I was crazy).  Then they played. Miracles (Someone Special) !!!  I was beyond ecstatic.  

During Jonny’s Charlie Brown intro the crowd doo-doo-doo’d along to that part (you know which part).  I thought it was so cool how I could hear that over the music.  Just amazing.  Fast forward to C-stage.  I know they’ve been playing UATW once in awhile on this tour, but I was so desperate to hear the Silver Bird version live, I was so happy when it was the requested song.  And Chris invited this cute little boy to do the harmonica solo on Don’t Panic, and yeah I was a bit jealous.  ASFOS saw another guest-elephant appearance, and yeah I was a bit jealous.  Then, the saddest part of the concert, Up&Up.  Let’s not talk about that too much.  Cool fact I learned at the end of the song though was that Will’s son Rex was there and is a “super cool f**kin’ dude.”  Then they bow.  Chris kisses the stage.  And they leave.

As we all funnel out, we drown out our sadness about leaving the best place on Earth by starting up the Viva chant again.  On the way out I stopped by a merch stand to grab myself a T-shirt and tour poster.  This was absolutely the most amazing night of my life.  I love how all Coldplay concerts are so energetic like this one.  I love how the boys are spreading love and light around the world.  I love how for one night, by attending a Coldplay concert, all your troubles melt away.  Long live Coldplay.”  



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