6th August 2016 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This post was submitted by Paige on Twitter.


“Well it was almost a year ago, August 6th. I went to the Coldplay Philadelphia show. Let me say it was the best night of my life. It was my first Coldplay concert. I’m newer to the fandom, I became a fan about 4 years ago, so you can imagine my excitement. I was on the floor near the main stage. I remember the confetti and AHFOD playing and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. After the concert, I grabbed a yellow bird confetti, because to me it reminds me of happiness, like Coldplay. I still have that bird today. The bird also reminds me of my cousin who passed a few years ago, and that I need to be happy like he is. Honestly I just think of happiness and light and love when I think of that night.”



-Mysterious 42


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