PHOTOS: Coldplay in Paris, 15-16, 18/17

These are photos and videos from Coldplay’s three shows in Paris, France on July 15th, 16th, and 18th.


Video via angel__blas on Instagram.
Video via carlechu lechuga on YouTube.
Video via louisehauch on Twitter.
Video via mariebillk on Instagram.
Video via istanhorzn on Twitter.

Photo via muhhthu on Instagram.
Video via thommo7879 on YouTube.
Video via apuchades on Twitter.
Video via Simon Ruhlmann on YouTube.

Photo via Radio105 on Twitter.

Photos via ilalevy on Instagram.
Video via ColdplayAtlas on Twitter.

Photo via Saad on Twitter.
Video via specialkurt34 on Instagram.
Video via ColdplayAtlas on Twitter.

Photo via or.el on Instagram.

Photo via cosmickid21 on Instagram.
Video via opossum234 on Twitter.

Photo via Coldplay on Twitter.
Video via ColdplaySpain on Twitter.

Photo via Coldplay on Instagram.
Photo via arievrahman on Instagram.
Video via harvylight on Instagram.
Video via hedamanon on Instagram.

Photo via ahfo_coldplay on Instagram.
Video via julie_maurin on Instagram.

Photo via masalina25 on Instagram.
Video via mor.rachel on Instagram.



No copyright infringement intended. All photos and videos belong to their respectful owners and can be taken down by request.

-Mysterious 42



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