PHOTOS: Coldplay in Cardiff, 11-12/7

These are photos and videos from Coldplay’s show in Cardiff, Wales on July 11th and 12th.


Video via maryscreech_ on Twitter.
Video via Coldplay on Instagram.
Video via hannahmtudor on Instagram.
Video via Coldplay on Instagram. Video captured by Coldplaying.

chris martain1301.jpg

Photo via florenceblackUK on Twitter.
Video via Coldplay Official on YouTube.
Video via Pete Muncey on YouTube.
Video via Coldplaying on Twitter.
Video via hannahmtudor on Instagram.
Video via ColetteNews on Twitter.

chris martain1302.jpg

Photo via fraserwatty on Instagram.
Video via melindalegge on Twitter.

guy berryman523johnny307will champion37chris martain1303

Photos via Coldplay on Twitter.

Photo via elsa_tadea on Instagram.

chris martain1304chris martain1305chris martain1306

Photos via PollyThomas (Platform Unknown)

Photos via Coldplay on Twitter.
Video via Esther_Byrne on Twitter.
Video via kristiandlloyd on Instagram.

Photo via robbiesargent01 on Instagram.
Video via zbweston on Instagram.

Photo via Coldplay on Instagram.
Video via lucy_blackman on Instagram.

Photo via niaa_hall on Instagram.

Photo via moryn92 on Instagram.

Photo via evans_abbie on Instagram.
Video via mayangcentya on Instagram.
Video via mayangcentya on Instagram.
Video via ftbear on Instagram.

Photo via way_whyu on Instagram.
Video via anniecaibj on Instagram.



No copyright infringement intended. All photos and videos belong to their respectful owners, and can be taken down by request.

-Mysterious 42


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