1st April 2017 | Singapore, Singapore

This experience is written by xylotour on Twitter.



“So hello! I’m Sally from Indonesia and this is my first experience ever seeing Coldplay and it also happens to be my first time going to a concert! [I’m] So honoured to have my favourite band as my first concert ever in my life, it’s a very amazing opportunity.

It all started with a close friend of mine, Tasha. She knows how much I love Coldplay and when she heard the news of Coldplay coming to Singapore, she immediately messaged me and asked me if I’m going to see them or not, and if I can accompany her to see them. At that time, (late October 2016 I guess, or around the time the Asian leg A Head Full of Dreams shows were announced,) I wasn’t sure if my parents will allow me to go see Coldplay. I’ve never been to a concert before in my life, and now I have to ask my parents to go abroad? The idea was so ridiculous at that time so I kindly rejected (sadly) her offer. Then months later, January 2017, a Korean pop boy group I love is coming to Singapore, EXO. My close friend Tasha asked if I’m going to see EXO with her, and Coldplay too since the dates are so amazingly good: Coldplay on Saturday, April 1st and EXO on Sunday, April 2nd! At first I was so skeptical. How am I going to ask my parents for TWO concerts? Then I chanced to ask my dad first since he’s more understanding than my mum. His reply was a short, “we’ll talk about this later, okay.” 1 day later, I talked with my mum and dad about it on the phone (I was away on my grandma’s house for the holidays) and I told them how much I love Coldplay and this is the only chance I get to see Coldplay AND EXO in one weekend, a once in a lifetime thing! After that my parents said that I have to wait for them to discuss things over. So I answered that I need their answer in 3 days time since I have LOTS of things to prepare. So I waited and January 12th, 2017; my dad called me at 8.30 PM out of nowhere. I was so nervous because it might be him telling the verdict of me going or not. At first my dad asked me if I can hear something from his side and I couldn’t hear anything so I replied I couldn’t hear anything, and my dad answered that he is: “listening to the live version of the concert you’re going to.” I was so shocked I didn’t catch what he meant so I tried to listen again and it’s Paradise playing! I was so speechless all I did was jumping up and down and saying thank you over and over again, my dad laughed at me so hard. I started my countdown, 76 days to the show.

After that I started working: getting Coldplay tickets (Coldplay Singapore’s tickets for both shows sold out in a matter of minutes, so I had to buy from resellers. It was so hard finding tickets especially standing pen A tickets. I found people who wanted to scam me, it was crazy!) Flight tickets to Singapore, (the prices of flights going to or from Singapore got multiplied 4 times its normal prices because it seems almost every Indonesian, Malaysian and other neighboring countries near Singapore fans are coming to the Singapore shows! Coldplay’s impact only!) Hotel bookings, (the same thing happened to room prices, I had to pay so much for 3 days 3 nights, glad I was going with 2 friends so we can split the bill!) Last but not least is my university schedules. This last one is the hardest thing to arrange because the schedules are so hard to get and probably changes every second…sigh. Turned out the cheapest flight to Singapore we can get is on March 30th, while our hotel booking’s check-in time is at March 31st, 12 PM! So we decided to skip our classes at March 31st and chose to sleep at Singapore’s Changi airport for a night.

Skip to Saturday, April 1st 2017 as known as the day I saw Coldplay for the first time—and also the day I ascended to heaven for 2 hours. After a failed attempt at waking up before 5 AM, we managed to set off to the Singapore National Stadium at 9 AM, and we arrived around 9.30 AM. People were already queuing to get into the queue line, but thank God we weren’t that late and we got into the first front parts of the queue line at 12 PM. We queued for about 9 hours and it was raining 3 hours to open gates time but the energy inside the stadium was so ecstatic, 55k people in one place, what do you expect? It was just so beautiful, everyone was wearing their Coldplay merchandise, and when the soundcheck started, almost everyone screamed! At that time during 9 hours of queuing, the Coldplay crews played songs at the stadium to keep us entertained and most of the songs were good, hit songs, god bless them. Right before the gates are opened, an acoustic version of A Sky Full of Stars sang by a woman played and the crowd just sing along so loud and screamed and shouted, truly amazing!

It’s time to gates open! People were all rushing since me and friend got standing tickets and it was chaos! Funny story to tell, I didn’t know at that time that foods aren’t allowed inside the stadium and I just took lots of snacks with me and the lady checking my bag was like, “sorry but you have to throw away those foods out there.” I was so freaked out like how am I going to get barrier spot if I’m slowed down by this? Then my friend who went with me just grabbed my bag and turned it upside down haha all my foods were thrown away in a second! Then I rushed to get my stadium wristband and of course, Xyloband! I didn’t know what kind of luck I had at that time but I got a white Xyloband with rainbow writings of Coldplay and A Head Full of Dreams on it, when everyone else’s just plain white Xylobands! Then my friend and I ran as fast as we can to reach the stage and we managed to secure a pretty good place, around 3rd row from barrier. Then not long after we came in, Jess Kent played her songs and personally I think she’s good and her songs are cool.

Jess Kent finished her gig and the crowds were slowly gathering inside the stadium, and unexpectedly the crowds in seating started a gigantic crowd wave! Such a shame at that time R42 didn’t take a video of it and upload it to Coldplay’s Instagram story. The wave went on for like 4 times around the stadium, it was so cool to witness. Also one other thing Coldplay crowds seem to love doing is the Viva la Vida chant! While waiting for Coldplay to come, somehow the crowd started to do it. Somewhere during this, I got pushed to the front so me and my friend got barrier! I can’t believe it, luck was really on our side!

Finally…the lights went off and everyone screamed as their Xylobands lit up bright red, and Charlie Chaplin’s the Dictator’s Speech played. To be honest, I’m super touched at this gesture, the speech itself is a very powerful message and I’m so glad Coldplay decided to add it to their tour because it means so much to me and to everyone, and I swear no one does it best but Coldplay. After that A Head Full of Dreams started to play and the rest is amazing history. My friend and I somehow stood directly in front of a confetti cannon so during Every Teardrop is a Waterfall and A Sky Full of Stars we kinda got showered with 83647373637 confetti and even some went into my mouth! When I got back to the hotel I found confetti in literally everywhere. I want to write every single detail about the songs played but it will end up as a novel rather than an article of my experience!

So that’s from me, and I sincerely hope Coldplay will make more albums, more tours and I’ll make sure I’ll see them again live. Coldplay is really the king of live shows, of tours. Coldplay is not only serving best music live, but also carrying positive messages and good vibes about how to love each other, how to love yourself; how to make the world a better place. You don’t go home from a Coldplay show without a new mindset about how life is an adventure, you only live once and therefore you have to make the best of it for yourself and for your environment. Coldplay and Xylobands together invented the idea of LED accessories for concerts, now everyone is using the idea of it. For those who haven’t had any chance on seeing Coldplay live, I wish you luck! You’ll never know, I swear it’ll surprise you. See you later!”


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