PHOTOS: Coldplay in Brussels, 21-22/6

These are photos and videos from Coldplay’s shows in Brussels, Belgium on June 21st and 22nd.


Video via U2eddie U2eddie on YouTube.
Video via charline_vldc on Instagram.

chris martain1229.jpg

Photo via opossum234 on Twitter.

chris martain1230.jpg

Photo via DanteDeRuwe on Twitter.

chris martain1231.jpg

Photo via AxelleOllevier on Twitter.

chris martain1232.jpg

Photo via noemiefeld on Instagram.

chris martain1234chris martain1235johnny301guy berryman508

Photos via Clouplay_C3O on Twitter.
Video via arintje on Instagram.
Video via syljacob08 on Instagram.

Well *that* certainly wasn't on the set list…! #ColdplayBrussels R42

A post shared by Coldplay (@coldplay) on


Video via PaulGallardo7 on Twitter.

chris martain1236.jpg

Photo via avatje on Instagram.
Video via Coldplay on Instagram.
Video via kotaken1022 on Instagram.

chris martain1237.jpg

Photo via crooked.compass on Instagram.
Video via peter_maris on Instagram.

chris martain1239.jpg

Photo via laurenskaas on Instagram.
Video via evybosman on Instagram.

chris martain1240chris martain1241chris martain1242

Photos via benoitbouchez on Instagram.



No copyright infringement intended. All photos belong to their owners, and can be taken down by request.

-Mysterious 42



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