A Head Full of Anticipation: October 2015 Summary

October started off as a pretty slow month for news, compared to the performances and India music video madness of September. We posted the odd set of pictures, still eagerly awaiting A Head Full Of Dreams.

But then in the last week of the month, things sort of went CRAZY! 

Last Sunday Coldplay won an EMA for ‘Best Rock Band’ (whether they really are rock remains to be seen but they do deserve ALL the awards so fans were very happy).

A couple of hours later, Chris posted a video on Twitter of himself thanking EMA and us fans for the award. He finished by saying we’d see him “soon”.



This word has been haunting Coldplay fans for all of 2015. There’s been very little official word all year about A Head Full of Dreams but we know things have been happening.

Producer Rik Simpson has been teasing fans for months and also enjoys using the dreaded “soon” word.

Coldplay’s guitarist Jonny Buckland also added fuel to the fire on Monday when he was seen at a U2 concert in London, and told a fan he met afterwards that the album would be out “soon”.

So how soon is soon?

Well, on Thursday night we finally got some clarification.

The poster bears striking resemblance to the colour scheme used on Coldplay’s new website:

And the detail (taking inspiration from “The Flower of Life”) was on Chris’s shirt at the Global Citizen Festival, as pointed out by one eagle eyed fan:

The poster is pretty much as official as it can be with a lack of a proper announcement. Rumours were circulating earlier this month that A Head Full of Dreams would have a December 4th release date. There hasn’t just been one poster either, more have been spotted at various Tube stations in London:

As well as a collection in Washington D.C. –

So far the posters have been limited to capital cities, but we suspect more will go up in the next few days in places such as NYC and LA. 

We think Coldplay are trying to get fans and the media as hyped up as possible before an official announcement, they probably want a few more posters to be spotted too. It’s like a worldwide treasure hunt!

So Coldplayers, open up your eyes and look out for more A Head Full of Dreams posters that are yet to be spotted! We’ll be here to keep you updated as we get word of more –

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Tumblr: ohchrismartin.tumblr.com

Facebook: facebook.com/0hchrismartin

– Viva


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