Global Citizen Festival 2015 Summary

Last night Coldplay joined an amazing line-up of acts at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park. Being from England, I was especially pleased when it was announced that the band were to go onstage at 4pm EST as that meant a reasonable hour of 9pm for me! There was definitely a hype around this particular performance and the excitement over Twitter definitely showed!

Yet again the stage was decorated with Indian flower garlands and Hindi writing on the instruments and amplifiers. Contrasting to the iHeart Radio festival where a new song was anticipated but it didn’t come, we knew we had something coming this time. A bit of a spoiler if you watched the videos, but the new song, ‘Amazing Day’ was played at soundcheck the previous day (link below). I personally had not heard all of it though so I was excited to finally hear it!

With Stephen Colbert and Hugh Jackman introducing the overall message of the festival and of course Coldplay, the band finally emerged onto the stage. Yet again, they were dressed in the new era clothes, (Chris not adorning the startling blue trousers this time unfortunately…) and we were all ready for something new.

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall was the opening song, slightly unusually as it was always a finale song during the Mylo Xyloto era, but I thought it was a welcome change. Giant beachballs thrown into the crowd reminded me of the Mylo Xyloto tour even further. I really do love the energy of that song. Next came Viva la Vida, and yet again it was an all round energetic performance, Chris really using the stage space as usual! Spotted in the crowd were Chris Martin’s children Apple and Moses, dancing with as much enthusiasm as their father, which I thought was lovely.

Next a snippet of the start of Paradise started to play but was soon halted. Chris then revealed that the band’s piano had actually broken minutes before they had come onstage, so instead, “An old song written in 1955”, as Chris jokingly noted, Yellow was next up. I’ve got to say I really had missed this being part of the setlist during long performances and I forgot how much I adored the song!  Chris was definitely in good spirits as always, replying to an “I love you!” shout in the crowd “I feel very fondly about you too… And I’m sure if we met, feelings would go deeper”.

The special guest was then revealed to be Ariana Grande, as chosen by Apple and Moses. Her and Chris then proceeded to duet with a song written by Harry Styles, “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart”. I must admit that I had never heard the song before, but it was a lovely performance.

Next was A Sky Full Of Stars, as expected, but Chris made sure to note that this wasn’t their last song. Chris of course was extremely energetic, running around the stage doing his trademark dancemoves (I like to call one of them the Windmill – you know the one) but he was definitely adding more! He even stopped to hug Jonny (whilst he was still playing – what a talent, Jonny!) mid-perfomance.

Finally the moment was here, and the new song was confirmed to be called “Amazing Day”. I had heard a snippet beforehand but listening to the full thing was something I had been looking forward to! It was a slow and delicate song, and it reminded me a bit of Always In My Head or True Love (I’m not sure if I’m the only one) and overall it was a very nice song. A link is below for anybody who missed it or wants to listen again! Something tells me, however, that this was not the song that corresponds to the new music video filmed recently in Mumbai. More is to come, my friends…

Go and check out the full gallery of the performance!

– Green Eyes


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