iHeartRadio Music Festival Summary

So last night was finally the moment we’d all been waiting for – Coldplay performed again! It was amazing to finally have the gang back together, fans from all across the world congregating and watching the band play the iHeart Radio music festival at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. For me, and many others, this meant watching online at 4am… The time differences varied so much but it was so amazing to see so many people so dedicated to give up sleep to watch this performance. It was worth it, though.

And amazing it truly was, although cryptic. Beforehand it was revealed that the band were sharing a dressing room with Kanye West and that the band would be joined by a special guest onstage. The stage setup was decorated in traditional Indian style, with flower garlands adorning Will Champion’s drumset and Hindi text dotted around in various places. The pre-performance interview (linked below) definitely hinted at something new, also. Chris was wearing a pair of blue trousers and a grey t-shirt with a muticoloured band running along the edge (and a love badge, too, as always) and Jonny wore a navy t-shirt with a kaleidoscopic pattern on the pocket and the new multicoloured logo design on his hat. They commented that instead of being the last album, as some interpreted from previous interviews, AHFOD would be the completion of something they’d been building up to for years. The album had clearly been in the pipelines a while. This definitely gave the impression that something new and big was coming later on.

The online fans definitely captured this vibe, getting so excited over what was to come. When the time finally came, the excitement was hardly contained. Paradise was the first song on the tracklist and the true energy of Coldplay was truly back. Continuing with this vibe, Viva la Vida was the next song and it was clear to see how much Chris Martin adored being back onstage again, running around and dancing with his usual vigour, the bells ringing, getting the audience engaged with the performance (which truly seemed a miracle, given their lack of participation beforehand). chris1

Clocks, another classic, was next and it was yet again a perfect performance. At this point, of course, everyone was wondering the same thing – would there be a new song? The next track was Fix You, emotional as always, and clearly the one the crowd knew best (really, did nobody in the audience apart from 4 people know any Coldplay?)

photo 2

It was announced that the last song was next, and of course everyone thought this was the moment we’d all been waiting for, finally we’d hear what the new sound was like and how it linked to the new era’s style. However, A Sky Full Of Stars began to play! Yet again, a flawless performance, and Chris was truly giving it his all… Something very interesitng that happened was a change of lyrics. Chris sang “All I wanted was right here in my arms” – maybe a nod to a new track? Who knows? Sounded pretty amazing though. And that was it. They thanked the audience and bowed and that was the whole performance! Cue mass confusion… Where was the new content, where was the special guest? Many have speculated that the show was already running over by too much and something had to be cut from the running (this could be true seeing as Chris did appear to apologise to his bandmates for something in the middle of the set).

photo 1

photo 3

Overall though, a great Coldplay performance as per usual. Welcome back! As for A Head Full Of Dreams, it seems we may have slightly longer to wait for the mystery to be revealed…

– Green Eyes


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