Meeting Chris | Fan Experience | 10th September 2015

(as promised here is that fan account from Manasi in Mumbai who was lucky enough to meet Chris today!)

Ever since the news of Coldplay being in Mumbai spread out, my fangirling levels reached a new high! I made sure to ANYHOW get in touch with them. So it worked out well for me as I managed to get in the same hotel the crew was residing at. Sipping coffee and being nervous, I passed time. 3 good long hours and finally I got to see CHRIS MARTIN!
He stepped out of the lift and moved towards the exit. As soon as I got his glimpse, we ran towards him. Oh, we were 6 of us. “HEY CHRIS” we yelled! Chris turned back and greeted us with a “HELLO!”
I kid not, the moment was magical. His face is majestic. Tall and handsome, oh I couldn’t keep calm! Blue eyes and his amazingly sexy voice just added colour to the moment.

The hotel security didn’t allow us to converse or take photos with him for obvious reasons but I managed to get a snap of him in the car when he was about to exit. 

How I wish I could hear him speak more to us or take photos! Never the less, this was indeed the most memorable day of my life. I feel immensely lucky. It was my “PARA-PARA-PARADISE!”

– Manasi Pathak, Mumbai. 

(@ThatUnitedLady on Twitter & Instagram) 


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