Coldplay Filming in India | 9th September 2015

This morning when this photo of Chris was posted on Instagram giving the location as Mumbai, India

I, like a lot of other fans, assumed he was there for work with Global Citizen or Oxfam.

How wrong we were!

It turns out (courtesy of some tweets from the wonderful @IamStake who has done a great job of keeping eager Coldplay fans updated all day) that the entire band are there, as well as their management team. And they’re filming a music video for A Head Full of Dreams.

Rumours first began to circulate when this picture of Chris, featuring a certain Mr Jonny Buckland in the back, was tweeted.

Now we had solid proof that two members of Coldplay were in India, covered in paint and almost definitely filming a music video.

What We Know:

  • Security was very tight at the shoot. Filming and photographs were prohibited. However, some people managed to sneak some tweets out of it, including this video:

and, most excitingly, this photo:

  • We’re pretty sure that this is what Chris will wear for the A Head Full of Dreams era:

  • According to somebody that spoke to the band’s management, they will have a concert in Delhi which will be officially announced soon.
  • The music video was filmed at a place called The Worli Fort in Worli, Mumbai.
  • The video could be based around the Indian festival of Holi, which is also known as “The Festival of Love.” or “The Festival of Colours.”
  • Filming wrapped up at around 9pm Mumbai time and they could possibly be filming in the same place tomorrow.

All in all, a pretty exciting day! We’ll be here to keep you updated as more news comes in. Coldplay have their first performance of the AHFOD era, their eagerly anticipated slot at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas next Friday.

We’d also love to know your opinion on the news, so leave a comment below or tweet us at @ohchrismartin

(Special thanks to the wonderful newscoldplay, Coldplaying and @007Astrid for some of the information featured in this post!)



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